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Islomania: an adventure on the Isle of Iona

What is islomania? Islomania: “An obsessional enthusiasm or partiality for islands.” As a child it was such an adventure to cross the water to the Isle of Wight – like visiting a foreign country. And getting lost in an Anglesey forest, well, that was all the more exciting because we were cut off from ‘civilisation’ [...]

Does adventure have to be extreme?

What does 'extreme' mean? Today I started reading a book called 'Wild Nights' by Phoebe Smith, adventurer and outdoor writer. It's all about some extreme camping challenges she set for herself. And as Phoebe set out on her wild camping trips it made me wonder what exactly is adventure? And what does 'extreme' really mean? [...]

Forest bathing: how to feel good naturally

Trees are fab! As a child I was enchanted by them. I’d imagine them to life like the Ents in Lord of the Rings. I wanted to live among the branches with Moonface and friends in The Magic Faraway Tree. And the copse at the bottom of my garden was the best place to build [...]

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3 ways a copywriter can make life easier for you

Are you always flitting about trying to do a million things at once, never able to give each job the time it deserves? Have you heard of copywriters but don’t really know how one could help you? Then this post is for you. It will help you decide whether hiring a copywriter is the right [...]

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Making you money: must a copywriter use perfect English?

Do you think you should always use perfect English when you write? You were probably taught to use ‘correct’ punctuation, grammar and spelling at school and it’s hardwired into your brain. It’s part of you. But is it essential? Particularly for a copywriter?   A copywriter’s aim: to make you money Copywriters write to sell, [...]

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Why hiring a freelance copywriter today could be the best thing you ever do

January. It’s feared by many as a bleak and difficult month. Often cold and wet with short days, Christmas and New Year festivities have gone and your bank balance is probably groaning. As a business owner you may be wondering how to push forward. How can I make the most of this dreary, depressing time [...]

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Perfectionism: how do I survive it as a copywriter?

Do you constantly worry about your work being criticised? Do you spend forever on a piece of writing because it’s just not quite ready yet? Do you feel this hinders your ability as a copywriter? You are not alone. Welcome to the perfectionist’s club! In this post: What is perfectionism and is it always bad? [...]

As a freelance copywriter why should I blog, and what about?

So this is my first professional blog post. When I started writing it I had an inkling of the why, but you’ve no idea the trouble I had finding the what! Should I write on something I know lots about? Should I document my experiences and learning as I progress as a copywriter? Or perhaps [...]

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Susan Hammond, Copywriter: About Me

Who is Susan Hammond and why is she writing a blog? Well, that’s me folks! Copywriter, researcher and outdoors aficionado! I love writing and thrive on researching, discovering new things and sharing my findings with others. When I write I know my words might be read by anyone! They could open up a whole world [...]

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